Proper Attic Ventilation
Knowing how to properly ventilate your home can make enormous differences in your heating and cooling, and for cold weather icing scenarios.

Proper attic ventilation is absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity of your home. If you are unsure if your attic vents properly, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. Our highly trained staff will assess the ventilation needs of your particular attic and devise a plan to remedy the issues it may have.

Release Heat Trapped in Your Attic:

A dark colored roof system absorbs the heat from the sun and radiates that heat into your attic space. If you have ever been in your attic during the day, you already know just how hot it can get. Releasing this heat is accomplished with proper ventilation and can save you a fortune on cooling costs. As heat in your attic rises, the heat is released from various types of vents, either on the ridge or other styles, while cooler air is drawn into the attic by intake vents lower in the attic. This allows the hottest air to escape from the attic while cooler air replaces it.

Proper Types of Ventilation:

We are experts at ensuring that your attic has the proper vent styles and that they are located in the proper locations. We are here to make sure that your intake vents are not blocked by insulation or animal nesting so that you can be sure that the installed ventilation is doing the job correctly.

Ventilation Prevents Ice Dams:

Ice dams form on roofs as roofs melt snow and then it refreezes while still on the roof. The idea is not to heat the roof, but to actually cool it. A cooler roof allows snow to slowly melt without overwhelming the roof materials and run off slowly. A properly ventilated roof system allows cooler air to flow into the attic space and cool the air so that the roof temperature is decreased. You should also be sure that your insulation is not allowing large amounts of heat to enter the attic from your home.

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